What is network bandwidth and how does it work? How we can measure?

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Bandwidth is the data transfer rate between a website and a Web server. When it comes to uploading a website to the Internet, it is also important to choose the minimum bandwidth required for that website. Each page of your website is 1 MB in size.

There are at least 3,000 visitors a day. If every visitor visits at least two pages of a Web site,The minimum bandwidth requirements per month for this website are:

2 MB × 3,000 Visitors × 30 Days = 180,000 MB 175.78 GB Bandwidth / Month You will need at least one.

Bandwidth is updated once a month. At the end of the full month, it is recalculated from zero kilobytes. If you have exceeded the bandwidth limit less than one month, When you visit the website you will see the message "Bandwidth Limit exceeded" and you will not see the website.

If you plan to contact your hosting provider and plan to upgrade, the site will return. If you do not want to upgrade, the website will return until the 1st of the month.

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