The WHO says that countries outside of Africa have the ability to control the spread of monkeypox

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The World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that countries outside Africa, where monkeypox does not normally occur, have the ability to control the spread of monkeypox.

European countries There are more than 100 people infected with monkeypox in America and Australia. Although the number of infected people is expected to rise again, experts say that the risk of a large-scale epidemic is very low.

Monkey pox, which usually occurs only in remote areas of Central Africa and West Africa, causes blisters, Symptoms such as fever often occur.

"It's a controllable situation. We want to control the spread of human-to-human transmission. Countries, where the disease is not endemic, have the ability to control it," said Maria Van Kehove, WHO's head of infectious diseases.

So far, monkeypox has been found in 16 countries outside of Africa. It is the largest outbreak outside of Africa in 50 years, but it does not spread easily between people. Experts say the risk of monkeypox is not at a level comparable to that of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"The disease can only be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. Most of the people infected with the disease do not have severe symptoms," Van Kehoe said. While there are rumors that the current outbreak of monkeypox is caused by genetic mutations, there is no evidence of genetic mutations, said WHO's head of smallpox, Rosaman Lewis.

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