These are the units that any publisher or advertiser using the Ad Network should know.

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# Requests The number of requests for ads when you use your app. A person can request more than once. You can see how many times you want to request an ad in total.

# Impressions The ad is displayed as soon as it is requested. However, not all users will show ads. There are no ads for some users. There is no impression for every ad request due to ad request and user closing the app. So the number of times an ad appears is called an impression.

# Match Rate (Fill Rate) As mentioned above, let's say you make 100 requests for an ad, but if you only get 80 impressions, the match rate will be only 80%. A higher match rate means more ads, and if the match rate is lower you may want to switch to another ad network or add default ads.

# CTR Make a request and show an impression. This is the percentage of clicks on the ad. For example, if there are 100 requests, there are 80 impressions, but if there are 20 clicks, 20 out of 80 will have a CTR of 25%. CTR is usually below 10%. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person in Myanmar.

# eCPM AdMob gets paid for impressions. You do not have to click on the ad. But you get more if you click on the ads. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. This also depends on the user. So it's measured in units called eCPM. This is a rough estimate of how much you earn per impression 1000. If you have eCPM $ 3, you will get $ 3 for every 1000 users who use your app. In practice, however, the match rate may not be 100%, so it cannot be calculated directly by the number of users, but by impression.

The most important thing is to have more users. The more users, the higher the match rate, the higher the impression, the more money.

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