Causes of Insomnia More women than men

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A person sleeps for (7) hours; (8) You will be able to live a healthy life if you sleep peacefully. Some people find it difficult to get enough sleep during the day. Some people sleep early and others sleep late. Many people also suffer from insomnia. There will be more sleepless nights if this occurs. Insomnia can be both short-term and long-term. If you have to deal with this condition for an extended period of time, it can have a negative impact on your health.

According to studies, women experience more insomnia than men. The reason for this can be found in this article.

Because of women's hormones

There is a connection between hormones and sleep cycles. There was no difference in sleep cycle between genders. But when women menstruate, there are changes in sleep patterns. As their hormones become unstable, their sleep cycles can become better (or worse). Pregnancy causes hormonal changes, Menopause can also disrupt normal sleep patterns.

Due to mood swings

Another cause is mood swings like anxiety and depression. Women have strong emotions and mood swings. If this happens, it can lead to sleep problems. This is because the chemicals in the brain that cause mood swings interfere during sleep.

Having to balance personal and professional lives, women have to do household chores, including taking care of children. They use their time both for personal and personal reasons. It can be given in the workplace. These activities increase their stress levels and disrupt sleep cycles.

How to know insomnia (Insomnia)?

It is important to recognize the problem of insomnia before it starts to interfere with your daily life. You need to find the cause of this problem and review your sleeping habits. Most people experience insomnia from time to time, and it usually only lasts for 1 (2) days. This state of insomnia can be said to be a chronic disease. (3) You may experience insomnia for (3) nights a week for the entire month. If you experience this, you are suffering from insomnia and should consult a doctor.

Ref: 3 reasons why women are twice as likely to have insomnia as men

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