What to know about seasonal flu

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Seasonal flu is a disease caused by a virus that is spreading in many parts of the world. Seasonal flu can occur in all age groups. In Myanmar, seasonal flu is a common disease during the rainy season.

    Disease symptoms
  • High fever
  • Cough (usually a dry cough)
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Body pain Muscle pain

  • When the disease is infected until the symptoms are felt, it is around (2) days after the infection, and it may be between (1) to (4) days.

  • Vaccination against seasonal flu can not only effectively prevent outbreaks, but also reduce the severity of the disease if it does occur.
  • Vaccination is also very important for people who live with (or care for) people who are at risk of getting the flu.
      • The age at which vaccination should be administered

      • Pregnant women (any week of pregnancy)
      • Children aged (6) months to (5) years old
      • Elderly (over 65 years old)
      • People with chronic diseases
      • Health workers

      Methods of protection

      Seasonal flu is a disease that is spread through droplets from coughs. It is not an airborne disease.
      When the small particles containing the influenza virus spread up to one meter in the air through coughing (or sneezing), people nearby can infect others when they breathe in those small particles.
      Infection can also be spread through contaminated hands.
      Keep your hands blue, Washing often with water A table that can be infected Cleaning surfaces such as seats is a key factor in disease prevention.
      Eat nutritious food. Drink plenty of water.
      Have a good rest. Do moderate physical activity.
      If you are experiencing (or suspect) seasonal flu symptoms, seek advice and care from your nearest health care provider.

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      Source: World Health Organization
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