Feynman's four ways to make everything easy to learn

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When we study something, we will be able to learn more easily if we use Richard Feynman's 4 learning methods. A Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Feuermann is someone who can explain a complex science like particle theory with simple, clear examples that make it easy for someone else to understand.

Scientists often say to each other, "If there's something Feuerman can't explain, it's because something's wrong." It is said that it is not possible that Furman's ability to explain is bad.


Feynman's methods are described in the book "Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman". When Fairman taught at Princeton University, he brought a notebook with him and wrote "Things I Don't Know" on the front of the book. After that, everything he saw in his eyes began to be recorded. He spends days in the physics room, busy taking things apart and putting them back together and oiling them, his goal is to show them how things work. Let's take a look at the 4 ways he told you to learn faster.

(1) Title what you want to understand/learn and start studying

Write down everything you need to know with a little book. Then start studying. When you learn something, make sure to write it down along with the information. Study until you know everything you need to know. Make sure to write it down.

(2) Explain to someone (make an explanation)

Imagine that someone is asking you because they don't know these things, and make sure to explain them to them. If you can't clearly explain it, you don't understand yourself. Study again until you can understand someone.

(3) Look back at the memorized book and complete it 

What you wrote down and what you explained will differ greatly. Because when you are explaining something to someone, you will get new and better perspectives. Remember to fill in these new views again.

(4) simple examples; Think of the numerical examples 

To explain to others, you can't just say what you understand. Easy and clear examples You have to use simple numbers. After doing this, what you want to know, You will never forget what you want to understand. For example, With examples, whenever you think about it, you will immediately recall it. 

Ref: Curiosity "Learn everything in four steps with Richard Feynman"
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Zin Min Htet

2 months ago

This is awesome

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